Your first visit

The initial consultation

Your initial visit to Aldington Osteopathy will include a full consultation and treatment which will last approximately 45 mins - 1 hour. Your Osteopath will take a detailed case history where you will be asked to describe at length your problem and the impact this has on your life. Your medical history will also be discussed which will enable your Osteopath to eliminate any medical conditions that may mimic back pain or may make osteopathic treatment unsuitable

After this a thorough clinical examination will take place where you will be required to dress down to your underwear. At every stage of the process you will be kept informed as to what your Osteopath is doing and why. You will be encouraged to ask any questions that come to mind. Although this will be conducted in a relaxed and friendly manner, our approach to your complaint is very professional and all the information is treated as highly confidential.

Once all the information is gathered, your Osteopath will explain to you, in understandable language, what they think the problem is and what is recommended as an appropriate course of action at this stage. Appropriate osteopathic treatment will be conducted and once more, you will be encouraged to ask questions to enable you to leave the clinic as fully informed as possible about your problem and any ongoing treatment programme. 

Should your Osteopath require any further information from your previous healthcare providers or your GP, they will take steps to action this process immediately. Similarly should you require X-rays or MRI scans, they will take the necessary action to help you arrange them. At Aldington Osteopathy, our aim is that you will leave the clinic reassured about your problem, comfortable with our assessment and any ongoing treatment plan and informed of recommended do's and don’ts.

Follow up visits

Subsequent visits will last approximately 30 minutes. Osteopathic treatment is very much a partnership between you and us. Therefore we need to let you know what you need to do, and what we intend to do, not only to start you on the road to recovery, but to make the necessary changes to try to prevent recurrences.

We will continue to explain all the elements of your personal treatment plan and the reason for their inclusion so that you can fully understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. The exact nature of any given treatment plan is dependent on multiple factors, but rest assured that your plan will be tailored specifically for you. Treatment plans highlight areas of your lifestyle that may be contributing to the problem and provide methods to control these issues. 

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