Testimonials and case studies

Due to the amount of time spent driving , I was finding my lower back pain getting progressively worse. After just a few osteopathic treatments with Richard my pain was removed. His advice on posture was greatly appreciated and has improved my situation no end.
Mark - London Taxi driver.

I was suffering with extreme neck ache, headaches and shooting pains into my arms. Richard established that my condition was accentuated by my sedentary lifestyle and sitting at my office desk for most of the day. My posture was awful and my round shouldered appearance was affecting my confidence. After just one visit my acute pain had been removed and subsequent treatments have aided my posture and made me feel a great deal better in myself. Thank you.
Patricia - Bank Manager

As as Personal Trainer I see many sports injuries preventing my clients from training. I have no hesitation in refering them to Richard for Osteopathic treatment and the feedback I receive from them is excellent, helping a return to health and training as soon as possible.
Jez - Personal Trainer

Richard has treated me for some time now for my various injuries received via work, and just general day to day aches and pains. I can honestly say that he works miracles every time. I hobble into the surgery and 30 minutes later walk out pain-free. Friendly and informative, I look forward to my 6 weekly “MOT” as I call it, rather than dread it. Cannot recommend it enough!
Neil - Builder

My role as a senior police officer means that my work life is extremely varied combining periods where I am both physically active and other times where my role is more desk bound. The osteopathic treatment I have received from Richard has been extremely effective in combating the physical and mental strains I have experienced from the job. I have also recommended Richard to numerous colleagues who individually have had positive results from his extensive anatomical knowledge and considerate treatment programmes.
Paul - Police Officer

Baby James – delivered in a breech position and aided by forceps after a 20 hour labour, fed well for the first 3 days. Thereafter, he did so with extreme difficulty, continually screaming after only a couple of sucks. His mother Anne would try to pacify him for half an hour by walking around the room before putting him to the breast again. A few sucks later, he was fighting her and screaming till red in the face. What milk he did take in was promptly regurgitated.

At the point, Anne resigned herself to the fact that James had ď3 month colicĒ. After 5 months, with no change in the feeding pattern, Anne started to wish that she had never had a son, and in desperation she came to Aldington Osteopathy following a friendís recommendation.

At the first treatment, James cried continually for 3 hours after the gentlest head massage possible, but after 4 visits he was completely transformed. James fed and slept better, and appeared much more content. Not surprisingly, Anne looked and felt better too!

In this case, James had been delivered backwards and the two halves of his skull had received a slight twist as the forceps helped him out. This meant that when he sucked, instead of the two halves opening symmetrically, they would press on each other and trap the Vagus Nerve, resulting in severe discomfort and hence the screaming. The situation was also compounded by a corresponding twist in the pelvis, which was also treated.

Baby Helen – used to wake up crying up to 6 times every night, and would not go back to sleep without much attention from her parents. By 10 months she had slept through the night only 3 times. Her immense lack of sleep made her very cross and miserable during the day, the effects of which were naturally passed onto the rest of the household, causing great disharmony between the parents.

In Helenís case, the problem was not due a traumatic birth, but rather the rapidity of it. The umbilical cord around her neck had turned her blue and her skull was misshapen for days before it finally decided what shape it was going to be.

Helens treatment started from the sacrum at the base of her spine and moved up to the skull. She screamed her head off during treatment, but she was just at the age when children donít like to be messed around with. Slightly older children are quite happy to lie back and let the Osteopath get on with the treatment.

That night Helen slept 12 hours and was found sucking her thumb, something she has never done before. This was her attempt to correct the position of the cranial bones, a positive sign. Several treatments later, she was transformed into an adorable child, always grinning.

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